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Cecil Prescod wins Gladys McCoy Lifetime AchievementAward


GLAPN member Jonathan Leeper's
map of historic
Portland bars has
been published.
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to read about it.


"Tracing Trans
Surgery Through
the Archives in
Portland, Oregon"
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The story of
Portland's earliest organizations for LGBTQ+ youth.
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The City was an
all-ages LGBTQ-
friendly club during
the 1980s-90s.
We're starting to document
its history.TheCityX150

1999 Walking Tour



We have changed our name!

We were founded in 1994 as Gay & Lesbian Archives of the Pacific Northwest (GLAPN). Over our 30 years of existence, it has become increasing clear that (1) we're not just an archive, (2) we are not – never have been – limited to the Gay and Lesbian portions of the LGBTQ2SIA+ community, and (3) we work primarily within the boundaries of the State of Oregon.

Hence the name change. Please bear with us as we undo thirty years of naming convention, and grow into our new name.

We collect, preserve, document, and share as much as we are able. We help individuals and groups preserve their own historical data. We try to find a home for historically significant materials when they become available. We also gladly partner with organizations in the community to publicize and celebrate the history of all LGBTQ-identified minorities in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

  We are proud to provide a forum for activists and scholars. Visit these pages to see what's in our online archive.
  See what's coming up, and what GLAPN has been up to in the recent past.
  Follow this link to read more about, and see previous year's Heroes.
In 2012, GLAPN started naming a Queer Hero for every day in June, as part of our celebration of Pride. It has been a great way to recognize the history-makers of our community.
  We're pleased to promote these historic texts by GLAPN members and friends, along with information on how to purchase them.
  Follow this link to see GLAPN's growing collection of videos.
  Since January, 2008, GLAPN has produced, or helped to produce, a number of events of historic interest to the LGBTIQQ community. Some programs mark significant anniversaries, some, such as the Our Stories Series, involve community activists and elders sharing personal reminiscences around significant issues.
  Our physical collections are part of the library at Oregon Historical Society. Visit this page to see what's in the GLAPN archive at OHS, and to review finding guides.
  Learn about our organization, our history, our community affiliations, and our ongoing activities.
  Do you need help with a history project? Can we provide a speaker for an event you're planning? Do you have information for us? Do you want to donate items or an entire collection that's relevant to northwest Queer history? Do you want to give us money? Are you interested in volunteer opportunities? Visit this page for our Wish List, and contact information.
  Many of our friends have kindly shared links with us. If you visit their pages, tell them that GLAPN sent you!

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