Queer Heroes NW 2012

Reid Vanderburgh

Reid VanderburghAfter his own transition, Reid became a therapist to support the transitions of others in the LGBT community.

Although no longer taking individiual clients himself, he continues to support the journey of others through the publication of his book, Transition and Beyond:
Observations on Gender Identity.

Additionally, by bringing counseling interns into his practice in 2011 and 2012-13, Reid helps new trans-friendly therapists develop their skills.

Reid has never wavered in his commitment to make the Portland therapy and social service communities more trans-friendly. He is now mentoring, teaching workshops to other therapists, speaking at conferences, and consulting about gender issues. His website, is full of resources for those seeking to understand the mental health needs of the trans community.

Reid’s emphasis on transition as a process of self-actualization stands in stark contrast the pathology-centered “Gender Identity Disorder” that traditional therapists have embraced for decades. His work is fundamentally reshaping the conversation about mental health for trans people.









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